What is included in the online course?

This course is not just a collection of videos. It is an interactive, multi-media guide for the aspiring kiltmaker

  • Detailed and easy to follow HD videos that you can refer to over and over at your own pace

  • Clear and concise supporting eBook that is full of detailed notes that refer to sections of the videos and research about the craft of kiltmaking

  • Group Online Coaching calls for students to interact as a supportive community and learn from peers' experiences

  • Eligibility to join the membership of the Society of Askival Kiltmakers

“Proper planning and preparation prevent poor performance.”

The bespoke tailored kilt is made to the individual’s specifications considering the proportions of the wearer’s body and the idiosyncrasies of his/her figure. As the tailor, you have to take the right measurements to produce the data used in calculating the shape and size of the kilt aprons and tapering of the kilt pleats. Taking photographs helps you visualise the shape of the person and asking the right questions is important so you understand their preferences and expectations; guiding when necessary as it is still important to be mindful to honour the kilt that is a noble dress so near to the hearts of the Scottish people.

Create something that's made to measure and designed to last a lifetime - and more!

Your bespoke tailored kilt is unique and made to fit you perfectly. It is constructed according to the processes and techniques of the military master tailors and kilt makers, which ensure the cloth is protected, future proofed, can be altered and continue as a perfect fit. As an heirloom, it can be passed on to someone of a different shape and altered to fit them.

The perfect place to start your kiltmaking journey.

A bespoke tailored kilt is unique and made to fit perfectly.