What is included in the online course?

This course is not just a collection of videos. It is an interactive, multi-media, close coaching experience for the aspiring kiltmaker

  • Detailed and easy to follow HD videos that you can refer to over and over at your own pace

  • Clear and concise supporting eBook that is full of detailed notes that refer to sections of the videos and research about the craft of kiltmaking

  • Online 1-on-1 Coaching Calls where each student gets detailed feedback on their progress (times to suit North American and Oceania timezones)

  • Group Online Coaching calls for students to interact as a supportive community and learn from peers' experiences

  • Exclusive Facebook group where students can post their progress and get real time answers and support from fellow students

Create something that's emotive, traditional and long lasting.

The tailor’s eye is born out of years of experience and the bespoke kilt is measured and made for the wearer. The kiltmaking process you will learn is not driven by commercialism and profit. It is about honouring the noble traditional costume, the craft, being skilful, having self-respect and enjoyment in what we do. Working with the Tartan, creating the kilt and other craft related to the Scots garb is amazingly therapeutic and satisfying.

Frequently asked questions

  • Is this online course value for money?

    This is the most affordable way for anyone to learn kiltmaking. For years, people have told us that they want to learn Kiltmaking but cannot afford to travel to Scotland. By taking this course, you have no travel costs, no accommodation/food expenses and no need to take time off work.

  • What level of skill is required to take the course?

    The course is suitable for all skill levels because of the tailored coaching and continuous feedback from the instructor throughout the process. I have taught people who haven't had any stitching experience to make their own kilts. And those that do have experience, I ask them to park that knowledge and learn with fresh eyes.

  • How many kilts can I make from this course?

    One cycle of the course will enable you to make one kilt. If you would like to make more kilts, then you will be able to get a returning student's discount for each of the following kilts to make the ongoing learning affordable for you.

  • Can I purchase the course as a gift for someone else?

    Absolutely! What a wonderful gift to give to a loved one. Just sign up as usual and send an email to support@askivalofstrathearn.co.uk so we can help you facilitate this.

Essential Materials and Tools

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