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    Attend the “Creating the Bespoke Tailored Kilt course” and Masterclasses at the Askival of Strathearn studio.

  • Online Courses

    Our range of online courses is an alternative to attending Askival of Strathearn to create your kilt but also a valued prior or follow up course.

  • The Kilt College Society

    Join The Kilt College Society for ongoing access to online coaching, course content, and peer support.

Upcoming online courses

We are creating a portfolio of courses on various elements of Scottish garb

  • How to make a kilt with the Military Box Pleats

  • Making a kilt for a child

  • Kilt Alterations and Restorations

  • Making The Great Kilt

  • Fly & Pipers Plaid

  • 5 Knotted Lattice Fringe for the Sashes, Scarves and stoles

  • The Kilt Cushion

  • Kilt Sock Flashes

  • Handfasting ribbons

Hi, I'm Marion

Since childhood, I have loved working with textiles. I made my first kilt at the age of 16 for the very good reason that as a Cub Scout leader, I needed one! Kilt making guidance proved to be in short supply, and I was left wondering how my kilt could be made to fit like a glove. At a later stage in my life, I heard about a kilt school founded by a former Master Kilt Maker of the Gordon Highlanders, who predicted that the art of tailoring the kilt was heading for extinction as a result of the military contracting out their kilt uniform to a manufacturer . I have continued to develop my tailoring skills and endeavour to ensure that the knowledge and the skill of the handcrafted tailored kilt is passed on with the depth of understanding of the professional tailoring techniques and theory. My vision is to raise the public awareness of the tailored kilt, what standards to expect from the kilt of excellence and to make the coaching and ongoing learning of the craft more accessible to those who are inspired to be kilt makers or who just want to make a kilt for a special person.

Marion Foster