The Three Ways to Learn

There are 3 main ways to learn from the Kilt College

  • Physical Masterclass

    Attend the "Creating the Bespoke Tailored Kilt course" and Masterclass at the Askival of Strathearn studio

  • Online Courses

    Our range of online courses is an alternative to attending Askival of Strathearn to create your kilt but also a valued prior or follow up course.

  • The Kilt College Society

    Join The Society of Askival Kiltmakers for ongoing access to online coaching, course content and peer support.

This course run from the Askival of Strathearn studio and usually takes 10 to 12 days of close one on one tuition depending on your rate of progress. This can be done in a block or spread over mutually agreed days.

Other students, up to six, may be present, but each will be working at different rates and will not affect your personal tuition.

  • One to one tuition

  • Detailed worksheets and written word to reference

  • Use of all equipment

  • Shared benefit of my suppliers’ terms and prices for materials

I can also supply:

  • £180 to £300 - 8 to 10 yards of tartan depending on amount and the choice of tartan
  • £35 to £45 - canvasses; lining; choice of quality - leather straps, chapes & sporran loops; buckles.
  • You can also purchase kilt making equipment from me.

It takes quite a few kilts to be able to feel confident and competent enough to go it alone so I also provide continuous learning support:

  • Masterclasses: £80 per day (10 am to 4.30pm) £40 per afternoon (1pm to 4.30pm)

  • An established learning set to meet, network, share best practice and inspire each other: £30 per day

The bespoke tailored kilt online course is an alternative to attending Askival of Strathearn to create your kilt but also a valued prior or follow up course to the Askival Masterclass.

This course is not just a collection of videos. It is an interactive, multi-media, close coaching experience for the aspiring bespoke kiltmaker.

  • Comprehensive documentation and instructional videos

  • Freedom to learn at your own pace, and your own home!

  • One to one Zoom coaching

  • Life long access to the course materials

  • Peer support via the Discussion function within the course

This online course may also suit someone who has been to the Askival of Strathearn studio who would like to make another kilt but is unable to return to the studio for further tuition.

When attending Askival of Strathearn is not possible for on-going learning, access to the combination of remote viewing, reading, and personal coaching is the answer.

A network of aspiring and experienced kiltmakers in a new online community coming together to learn together from a master, The Kilt College Society is the icing on the cake.

To be eligible to join the membership of the Society, you will have participated in either:

  • Kilt College Masterclass

    You will be eligible to join if you have attended a Kilt College course at the Askival of Strathearn studio

  • Online Courses

    You will also be invited to join after enrolling in one of the qualifying online courses

  • Community and peer support through fortnightly group Zoom sessions

  • Access to the growing knowledge bank of the craft of kiltmaking

  • Updated versions of courses you are enrolled in

  • Sharing of experience to enrich and develop the craft

  • Continuing ability to buy kiltmaking materials at preferential prices

  • Creativity shared and inspired by the amazing members