Not just a tie, but a look that pleases the eye

The bespoke tailored kilt and the handcrafted tartan tie are works of art. Care is taken to ensure the tartan tie is created and displayed to present the characteristics of the tartan, honouring the consideration given to the design, planning of the tartan pattern, and the belongingness it represents.

The tie is constructed using the techniques of the Italian haute couture culture, which considers all aspects of the final look and its wearability.

Take the tartan with you when you can't wear your kilt!

We believe that items made with tartan material must be of the highest quality as a way of respecting what the tartan represents to the people of Scotland around the world:

  • Belongingness (to family, clan & nation)
  • Pride 
  • Honour

The tie-making process is in itself a pleasure - making something of value with your own hands and presenting it to a loved one is a wonderful way to slow down in a hectic world.

The Bespoke, Haute Couture Tartan Tie

Learn how to make a perfectly symmetrical tie from any tartan

  • Clear instructions

    This fully online course has videos, written word and continuous support and much more that all skill levels can follow.

  • Experienced instructor

    Marion is a sought after kiltmaker and passionate teacher who is known for her love of the traditional, no-shortcut methods of kilt-making

  • Ongoing support

    Join a global community of fellow tartan enthusiasts and receive ongoing help and encouragement whenever you need it.

Who is this online course for?

  • Experienced Kiltmakers

    If you are already making kilts, then this would be a great way to add a new string to your bow. By taking this course, you will be able to offer your clients a new product using the same material that you are making their tartan with.

  • Making ties for family and friends

    Would you like to make a gift for your husband/father that he can wear with his kilt or suit? Is your son getting married or has a special birthday coming up? Make a meaningful gift that the men in your life will cherish forever.

  • A new product for a small business

    Learning the skill of making a high-end tie will allow you to make ties as a product for your small business. There is a demand for high-quality tartan products so you can add beautiful ties to your list of products.

It's easy when you are shown how

Making a beautiful, high-end tartan tie is not easy. 

That's what we found out when we wanted to make beautiful ties to accompany our beautiful kilts. 

So we spent several months at our studio in Perth, Scotland researching different techniques and perfecting through trial and error until we could make symmetrical tartan ties consistently and predictably

Now we are excited to offer you this easy to follow, step-by-step online course that will guide you to make your own beautiful tartan ties.

Course curriculum

There is a lot to consider when making a beautiful, perfectly matching Tartan Tie! Take a look at some of the free previews available below

  • 01


  • 02

    Chapter 1 - Measuring & Cutting

    • Characteristics of different tartans

    • Working with the tartan

    • Setting the pattern of the front blade

    • Cutting the front blade & setting pattern for the middle section

    • Cutting the middle section and setting the pattern for the inner blade

    • Preparing the lining and canvas

  • 03

    Chapter 2 - Forming the tie

    • Combining the front blade, middle section and inner blade

    • Attaching the lining

    • OPTIONAL EXTRA LESSON - Supplementary explanation on attaching the lining

    • Creating the blade tips

    • OPTIONAL EXTRA LESSON - Supplementary explanation on creating the blade tips

    • Inserting the canvas

  • 04

    Chapter 3 - Completing the tie

    • Stitching the back of the tie - Part 1

    • Stitching the back of the tie - Part 2

    • Attach the loop at the back of the tie

    • Final Pressing

  • 05


    • Conclusion


  • What level of sewing skill is required?

    There is very little sewing in the course, most of the work is done by hand stitching. So a basic understanding of a sewing machine and confidence with the needle is adequate.

  • Is this course only for kiltmakers?

    While this course is made by me (a Kiltmaker) and it will benefit kiltmakers as they already handle tartans, anyone can follow the simple instructions to make a tie for loved ones or for resale as part of their business.

  • Where can I access tartan material?

    Quality tartan material is available from many suppliers, but I am also able to provide it at lower prices as I have direct access to traders' rates which I am happy to pass on to you. I can also make your tartan from scratch if it is not easily available.

What's included in your purchase

This online course will be an enjoyable and rewarding experience for you if you like making beautiful things with your own hands. 

Here's a list of all the things that are included when you invest in this course:

  • High-quality videos that show step by step and detailed instructions that all skill levels can easily follow

  • Well researched eBook that explains the tartan and complements the instructions provided in the videos

  • The pattern is immediately available for home printing within the course in PDF format and you can opt to receive it in the mail at no extra cost

  • Access to the Student-Only Facebook group where you can be part of a global community sharing progress and motivating each other

  • Direct support from Marion whenever things go wrong or get muddled

  • Lifetime access to this course, including future upgrades (**Unlimited Access Price Only)

  • Special discounts for future courses that are only available to Askival of Strathearn students