Beautiful traditional knots & twists for the sashes, stoles, fly plaids and more...

Create something that gives you an amazing feeling of accomplishment. It is not difficult but does require patience and focus!

  • Turn your tartan sash or stole into a work of art by handcrafting the traditional five knotted lattice fringe

  • Preserve the traditional character of the fly plaid by creating an exquisite hand- twisted purled fringe

  • You will feel proud to wear it and have a wonderful feeling when you see it on your loved one

  • Play your part in honouring and preserving the precious traditional crafts by sharing the knowledge and the skills widely

  • Join a community of worldwide tartan enthusiasts in our exclusive Facebook group

Learn the five knotted lattice fringe

Perfect for sashes and stoles. Wear your Scottish best for yourself, your family wedding, as a business … the world’s your oyster. 

Learn the purled fringe for the highland plaid

The fly plaid's fringes are all handcrafted. The edges of the cloth are frayed to about 20cm and then can be beautifully ‘purled’, creating an exquisite hand-twisted design.


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